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PO Box 2069
Fall River, Nova Scotia
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Toll Free: 1-844-434-3812 

Phone: 1-902-434-3812

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Bruce Densmore -
Carol Jones -
Kathy Wolfe -
Amie Lear -
Jackie Day -

Indian/Pakistani CA Tutor

Bhagwant Dhillon 403-401-9423

Experienced Tutors/Markers

Charles Zane
Cara Chesney
Valerie Carey 613-791-7715
Cecilia Yung
Brian La
Brad Riley
Christina Goeller
Anees Ali Khan
Sunita Arora
Kayla Switzer
Darren Lee
Jamie Shearer
Vincent Yeung 416-836-7856
Jane Tran
Bhagwant Dhillon
Sohaib Hasan

The names above are experienced markers who offer their services privately to individuals for tutoring or marking.  All negotiations and arrangements for sessions, payment, etc. are between the person above and the individual. This listing is provided only as a service to UFE candidates looking for individual counselling beyond the courses offered through this website.

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Experienced UFE Writer? Need some help with a study plan? Click here.

First Time UFE Writer?  Check out the study plan sessions for Ontario and CASB candidates.

Quotes from DCS Candidates

"Instructors make you feel confident that you will pass. They make you feel like it is possible and give really good study tips to stay confident."
C. Kwiathkowski (2013)