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DCS provides resources for candidates preparing to become CPAs.  Whether you are writing the Common Evaluation through CPA Canada  or a qualifying module, we have support available for you.

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Available now, the newest bestseller for Canadian CPA students!!  CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2015 (EBook) as well as the print edition CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2015.

Here's the CPA Study Notes' Update to December 31, 2014 (for the 2014 print edition).

Available now, our bestseller, Competency Map Study Notes 2014.  This publication includes all of the technical coverage you need at the UFE level in one document! Here's the CA Study Notes' Update
to December 31, 2014.

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Quotes from DCS Candidates

"I really think your program aims at taking the average Joe and equipping them with the tools and likely more importantly the mindset needed to succeed. I see myself no differently, and I am very fortunate for all of the help you and your team provided along the way."
J Huff, 2012 UFE Gold Medalist