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DCS provides resources for candidates preparing to become CPAs.  Whether you are writing the Uniform Evaluation through CPA Canada  or a qualifying module, we have support available for you.

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Available now, our bestseller, Competency Map Study Notes 2014.  This publication includes all of the technical coverage you need at the UFE level in one document!

Preparing for the CFE or attending Core 1 or 2 -  CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2014 now available.

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Registration available now - Fall SOA Prep 2014 and coming soon for UFE Prep 2015.
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NEW PRODUCT Ontario Challenge Exam Prep for those Ontario students challenging the Core Modules and Electives now open.

CPA Competency Map Study Notes 2014 is now available for shipping!

Core 1 and Core 2 Quizzes and Technical Resources now available for sale through the CPA course registration

For university or college professors looking for updated CPA material, check out our resources specifically designed for your needs.

Quotes from DCS Candidates

"All members of the DCS team are very approachable, you feel immediately comfortable with each of them and do not hesitate to ask questions or seek assistance. Practice exams were eye openers (in a good way). They really highlighted my weaknesses and the walkthroughs gave me examples of how I could tweak my writing to improve."
M. Coleman (2012)